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First and foremost, we are investors. We invest our time, energy, and capital into the companies we acquire and launch. Our approach is much like a generational family business. We look to buy and build businesses fitting our culture that we can help grow and hold indefinitely as part of our portfolio of companies, students of great investors like Buffet, Dodd, and Graham. We are value investors at heart.

We look to find the value in each deal we undertake, whether it be a value-added real estate deal or a company acquisition. Due to our value-focused approach and strict underwriting processes, we may turn down 100 deals before settling on the right one. We often partner with investors for our projects. However, we are selective on the ones we invite to join our ventures. If you would like to learn more about our process, request a meeting with our investment team.

Investment Criteria

Our main objective is to invest in companies that represent an opportunity to apply our experience and knowledge to maximize profits and generate value for the market. Our capital can serve as the facilitator for growth as well as change. Our capital, resources, and expertise assist in the development and implementation of innovative growth strategies.

Desai Companies typically invests in businesses with a strong track record and a proven business model. Our main business is building and acquiring companies. In an industry flooded with fast money from institutional capital, we offer an alternative for business owners looking to sell. We do not improve businesses to sell for a quick profit. Our goal is to acquire and implement systematic changes for growth to become a part of our family of companies that will last for generations.

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“In the real world, you uncover an opportunity, and then you compare other opportunities with that. And you only invest in the most attractive opportunities. That’s your opportunity cost. That’s how we make all of our decisions.”

- Charlie Munger

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